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I am smart, dammit, I am so smart! – said Mr. Coombs to himself while enjoying the sight of the couple having sex on the spying cam. He zoomed in.
Hmm, she's good… She is strong, she is very strong, he thought as he watched the sturdy redhead fuck back the big guy that pumped her with all his might.
Mr. Coombs weighted the woman's legs: they were extremely well muscled and she also had good stamina since she was pumping back madly, in rhythm with the heavy man, letting guttural moans. In his opinion, the legs and the butts won a fight and Tasha was endowed with hard legs and butts…
And she's also an opportunist, thought Mr. Coombs. Strength and a good, hard layer of deep instinct, a layer not shaped by our nowadays civilization and rules – this makes a woman win a clash. The instinct of an animal of prey – that's what brings a woman the victory… I suppose than in less than two weeks, rejoiced Mr. Coombs, Tasha and Milla will get at it… They will get at it fully, if I may put it so, since I nicely fuelled them both.
However, he was still not able to make any bets on which the winner will be. Redhead Tasha, the one who was fucking right now under his eyes, was strong but so was Milla and she also fucked the daylights off her big companion…
Mr. Coombs took a deep breath. Perhaps he should look again at one of the movies in which Milla fucked in her own cabin… Perhaps he could compare them better now. Oh, fuck! No matter who wins – thanks God they will fight, he said to himself, but he still enjoyed making the prospects about the victress…
Minutes later, big Tasha came loudly, shaking the man that impaled her deeply, in prolonged outbursts. Mr. Coombs froze in front of the spying cam: the redhead was bridging and, as always, she managed to raise the heavy man from the bed. Gosh, she is so strong, he thought, but then he remembered Milla, the brunette. She had a different fucking pattern: she liked to ride her partner and she did it so powerfully that she always succeeded in taming the male beneath her. In the last two or three minutes of Milla's wild intercourse, she was the one fucking while her man, Manolo, could only lay on his back, receiving the female's powerful and rhythmical groin pounding.
Remembering this, Mr. Coombs began to breathe faster. After a while, he swallowed his spittle.
He gathered himself after a minute. He then wrote something on a piece of paper which he Xeroxed in eight copies. Then, he gave a last look at the couple (they were catching their breath on the bed), he turned off the camera and he called for one of his employees.
"You have a list here," he said. "Give each of these clients this message, will you?"
"Of course, Mr. Coombs," smiled the employee, taking the eight white envelopes. He bowed and he left the cabin.
Mr. Coombs sipped from his glass of cognac. Tasha and Milla will fight, he said to himself, almost trembling in expectancy.
I am smart, damn it, I am so smart! It took me five months of hard manipulation but I made them hate each other so much, fro chrissakes! Will redhead Tasha crush Milla's bones or will brunette Milla suffocate Tasha? – he wondered, imagining the two big, strong females, moaning loudly, engaged in a mutual hug.
Who knows, who knows…
In a way, it was a piece of cake, he thought. It was a piece of cake to make two women hate each other so much so as to plan and seek to kill each other, as the rumors already ran across the crew of the PALOMA DE ORO. Brunette Milla boasted that she would crush Tasha's throat in her embrace, while the Polish redhead bragged that she would break the Armenian's bones one by one…
Mr. Coombs had done a fine job. On the other hand, he admitted to himself that he had been lucky. The vast majority of his crew come from poor countries. They were not well educated and how could they be, if they accepted to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months in a row, in exchange for a salary of only 200 bucks a week? All his employees were money thirsty and Mr. Coombs did mould them easily, especially because he knew how to talk to them.
For instance, two hours ago, Tasha and Milla had a bad, a very bad argument on the second deck of the ship and some of the employees had to part them before some of the clients would have noticed what was going on. Mr. Coombs was the chief of personnel of a luxury cruiser and his main task was to keep the ugly things away from his respected clients. He always succeeded in pleasing his clients, especially if some of them paid a lot to see big women like Tasha and Milla get at it.
Anyway, after the two chamber maids had their argument, Mr. Coombs called them both in his office, on the upper deck. He had called stout Tasha first, along with her fuckster, Victor.


Tasha was still breathing heavily when Mr. Coombs showed her the chair in front of his desk. I hope he won't cut off another ten percent out of my salary, she said to herself. Victor patted her shoulder. She kept looking at the floor, sensing that Mr. Coombs eyed her from head to toe and it's only then that she realized that her black skirt was fully ripped in the front, up to the waist band, revealing her extremely muscular thighs. She blushed and she tried to cover her legs but she couldn't: the skirt was constantly falling off her thighs.
"I think that I told you not to mess anymore with that woman," began Mr. Coombs, almost whispering. He looks like grandpa, thought Tasha as he went on: "I talked to you, Victor, and you insured me that it won't happen again."
Victor fidgeted on his chair.
"You are right, sir," he answered after awhile.
Mr. Coombs grumbled something. Then, he lit a cigar. Of course it was a Cuban cigar; it was a present from Manolo, Milla's fuckster, but none of the crew knew this.
"You perhaps think that if you are big, you can cope with that woman, Tasha."
Tasha blushed in fury this time.
"I can, sir. Believe me that I can beat that whore!"
Mr. Coombs raised a hand.
"Allow me to know better, Tasha! Milla is a dangerous person."
"Sir," interfered Victor, "Milla has gone way too far… Well, I have talked to Tasha about it and she says that she can take care of herself. If only you…"
Mr. Coombs shook head. He did most serious efforts to cover his growing excitement: he enjoyed the presence of big women, especially when they were furious and Polish Tasha was a big, furious woman… She was a 39 yo natural redhead, 5'11" tall and 175 lbs. Thick, muscular legs, a massive tight ass, broad shoulders, a strong back and big breasts – that was what Tasha was about. Short haired, she had green eyes that always threw a metallic glare; this, added to her straight lips and rectangular chin made her look extremely determined.
Mr. Coombs could only hope that Tasha's rage will build up more and more, in order for her to go after Milla, the stout Armenian, once and for all.
"Some people told me," he began, "that Milla brags that she'd tear you to pieces, damn it!" He puffed heavily, as if he had great concerns about Tasha's faith. "Milla told some of her friends that she'd tear you to pieces, Tasha, and that she'd feed the sharks with your flesh… What the heck is going on between you two?"
Tasha shrugged. She didn't remember how it had all started. She only knew that she hated that bloody brunette from the bottom of her heart… Milla… The big Armenian bitch…
Of course that Tasha has heard for herself of Milla's constant bragging – in fact, they had four or five serious scandals up to now but somebody always parted them before Mr. Coombs invited them to his office. Ten percent of the monthly wage – that was the average cost of a scandal with bloody Milla, remembered the stout redhead.
Fuck her! Tasha was pissed off by that bloody Armenian whore. Milla was big too, but Tasha was not afraid of her. Besides, she hated her deeply. She would teach that bitch a good lesson, damn it! She would…
"I would break her bones, Mr. Coombs, if you allow me!" she suddenly said, eyes throwing cold flares. "Just allow me to beat her and I tell you that you'll never hear from her anymore! I'll make her shit all over, in front of her friends before I'll crush her bones, Mr. Coombs! I'll…"
She gulped: Mr. Coombs had blushed and she thought that she made him angry.
"Forgive me, Mr. Coombs!" she said then, when seeing him tremble. "I shouldn't have said that."
"Tasha!" he raised his voice. "Milla is big and mean. I don't want you or Victor to come afterwards and tell me that I didn't warn you about her. On the other hand, my only responsibility is to be careful at our clients' wishes… You know what the policy of our company is and you know damned well that the Police in the Caribbean never ask too many questions about a… crippled or dead foreign worker. But, dammit, I like you two, guys, and I don't want you to run into serious problems, Tasha…"
The big redhead cleared her voice. Mr. Coombs had always been kind to her. In a way, she had been lucky. When she had left her native Poland one year ago, everybody had told her about the hell that was working aboard the Western luxury cruisers. You will be alone on that floating coffin, you will have to work too much, and your boss will take advantage of you, et caetera, et caetera.
She wasn't alone, she worked on a luxury cruiser and her boss didn't take any advantage off her. She looked at Victor. He was a good man. He fucked her more often than her husband at home, although he worked very hard. She sometimes thought that she would get a divorce after disembarking the PALOMA DE ORO and that she would marry Victor…
Nay… She couldn't… Her son, Zbigniew, was only 9 years old. Besides, her husband was not such a bad man – he perhaps drank too many vodkas, but he was not at all a bad man. He and Zbig were waiting for her to get back home with enough money that would enable them to have a better life in Poland. She would go back to the factory where she used to work and she would tell the other women how it had been aboard the PALOMA DE ORO. Perhaps she would also tell them how she had beaten that lousy Armenian bitch.
"… but, most of all, I am afraid that this Milla would do you, Tasha!" she suddenly heard Mr. Coombs say. "Believe me, I simply don't want you to get hurt." he said softly.
"I won't get hurt, sir," she answered. "I wanted only… I want to make sure that you won't get mad if I'll do that bitch!"
Mr. Coombs looked at the two guys as if relieved. He took a deep drag on his cigar.
"Are you confident in her, Victor?" he asked. The man nodded. "OK… Suit yourself, then. I just wanted to make sure that you… won't run head first, into most serious problems, Tasha!"
Victor pursed his lips and he said: "I'm glad that you're not mad at us, sir."


"I don't think I can hold Tasha anymore, Manolo! I tried to reason her, but she told me that your Milla had started it all over again. Tasha was mad, believe me and she said that she'll have her own way whatever it takes. I want to tell you that I cannot keep an eye on her 24 hours a day… I mean that I simply won't be able to take care of you all day long, Milla."
Milla felt Mr. Coombs' soft eyes look upon her in sympathy. He was a good boss and what she wanted the least was to make him angry. But, hell! She couldn't stand anymore that bloody Polish scumbag! Tasha bragged that she would break her bones to anyone listening, fuck her! Tasha had even boasted that she would make Milla shit in front of Manolo and that was…
"Tasha threatened you even here, in my own office!" added Mr. Coombs in a concerned tone. "She was damned serious."
He kept looking at Milla and, by the way she blushed, he knew that his words got home. He began to leaf through the papers on his desk but he saw her grin with the corner of his eyes.
I gotcha', bitch! – he said to himself.
"I am not afraid of Tasha, Mr. Coombs," suddenly said Milla. "If our colleagues wouldn't have stopped us, I would have wiped the floor with her."
"Tasha is a big… err… bitch," noticed Mr. Coombs.
Milla opened her eyes wide. She looked at the lithe, grey haired man in front of her. He had always been kind to her and to Manolo. He was always talking in a quiet tone.
She smiled.
"She's not much bigger than me, Mr. Coombs."
Mr. Coombs nodded, thoughtfully, weighting big Milla. She was a 29 years old brunette from Baku, Armenia. She was 5'11" and she weighted 167 lbs. Her strong legs were enwrapped in hard muscles and her voluminous ass could barely be held in the black skirt of her maid uniform. Her tense tits were medium sized and she had strong arms, covered by thick veins. She had a big, straight nose and extremely voluptuous lips – her vivid eyes were almost black.
And, by the way she was taking fast breathes, Mr. Coombs realized that big Milla was furious. She was damned furious and her thick lips were pale. Mr. Coombs felt a slight quiver run along his spine. He suddenly found himself think that Milla had a bigger ass than Tasha. Could her bigger butts bring her the victory in the no holds barred clashed that would soon ensue, he asked himself.
As always, he began to think at the woman's background. In his opinion, a soft life was far too improbable to bring the victory in a fight to the death but it was not the case with Milla.
Her life had been difficult. She had worked in a farm since she was a little kid. At 17 she married Varujan and she gave him two kids, a boy and a girl. Then, Varujan lost his job. For two long years, they lived only on the money Milla was paid at the farm. Then, the farm was closed and the two husbands began to search for jobs. Varujan was hired as a miner and she found to work aboard the PALOMA DE ORO, as a chambermaid.
She also found Manolo aboard the cruiser – a good stallion from Cuba, who helped her live in that hellish schedule of 16 hours of work daily. Gosh, she said to herself when she realized that her cunt began to moisten only at the thought of Manolo.
"I want to say that I am not afraid of her…" she added.
"Beware, Milla!" said Mr. Coombs. "You know what I want to say, Manolo!"
Manolo nodded. He somehow suspected Mr. Coombs of manipulating into fights the female employees aboard the PALOMA DE ORO, but this didn't bother him too much. The idea also turned him on, especially after witnessing such a fight a year before… In fact, he had already made bets with some friends of his that Milla would win. How could she lose when it was her who did the fucking?
"I know the rules, Mr. Coombs," he said. "Milla knows them too. We will be discrete. If that Tasha wants the clash, then she'll have it…"
Mr. Coombs cleared his voice.
"I want to tell you… I want to tell you that my most serious concern is about… Milla's health…"
Both Milla and Manolo smiled in relief.
"That's the least thing you should worry about," said Manolo.
"All right… all right… Then, I didn't hear you say anything, Manolo. Just suit yourself but I don't know nothing about it, sorry to say it," added Mr. Coombs.


Mr. Coombs had all sorts of spies among the crew. Weirdly, they told him that Tasha and Milla constantly avoided each other after their last dispute and that, if they somehow met however, they simply didn't look at each other. Of course that they still bragged about what they'll do to each other but otherwise, their conflict seemed to cool down.
On the other hand, Mr. Coombs wasn't the type to quit easily. Two days later he asked a cook about the ongoing conflict, saying that he's heard Milla boast that Tasha was scared to fight. Two more days had passed and he told a waiter (he lived in Milla's neighboring cabin) to be careful because he had heard Tasha that she intended to assault Milla during her sleep.
Another week had passed and the PALOMA DE ORO got in Recife, Brazil and Mr. Coombs was more and more anxious to see the women get at it. And what if I somehow scared them? – he asked himself, during one night. Turned on by his thoughts, he turned on the spy cam in Milla's cabin and, as usual during, he saw the stout brunette fuck Manolo. As always, she was above him and she was bucking like mad, her big ass shaking and quaking in rhythm with her extremely fast pumping.
She's faster than Tasha, but Tasha is bigger, he said to himself. In rest, they are both two animals of prey… Two wild and strong animals of prey – strong legged, big assed, bodies forged by physical labor… Why don't they fight, damn it?
Milla came, roaring deeply and shaking. She then fell above Manolo and Mr. Coombs readily captured some pictures of her and he printed them. He made eight copies and he was ready to send them to his good, faithful clients when somebody knocked on the door.
It was one of his employees.
"I've heard that they will fight tonight, sir. They will meet in the engine room at 1 o'clock a.m.! Manolo, Victor and the chief engineer made all the arrangements."
"Ah," Mr. Coombs acquiesced. "I suppose there's nothing we can do about it…"
"Sooner or later, sir, they will do it whatever it takes," noticed the employee. "Hmm, sir, I would like to ask you something."
Mr. Coombs raised an eyebrow.
"Go ahead."
"Who do you think that will win, sir?"
"I don't know… But I've heard that the crew already made bets."
"Well… Everybody agrees that Milla has the stronger ass and that Tasha has broader shoulders. Milla is younger, but Tasha is heavier."
"I don't make bets," suddenly said Mr. Coombs and his employee bowed before leaving the cabin.
Mr. Coombs shook his head in anxiety. Who will win? The younger brunette, or the bigger redhead? The Polish worker, or the Armenian peasant?
He found no answer and he poured himself a cognac. He then wrote something on a piece of paper which he Xeroxed in eight copies.


Big Tasha could hardly catch up her breath and she saw Milla in a blur. Swallowing her spittle, she looked at her brunette foe. Stout Milla was also breathing heavily. Besides, she was abundantly bleeding from her nose and lips.
"Go, Tasha, go! You did fine!" shouted Victor but his voice was instantly covered by Manolo's: he and his friends began to shout at Milla, encouraging her to finish up the redhead.
"She's tired, Milla! Go get her! Go get her!" kept shouting Manolo.
Then, all the onlookers began to shout like mad – besides Victor and Manolo there were around twenty people couples watching the fight. However, Tasha had the strange feeling that their clash was also witnessed by somebody else.
So what? – she thought.
She slipped her voluminous breasts back to her white bra. She then looked at Milla who seemed to be unaware that one of her tense boobs was dangling freely, off the red bra, its big, brown nipple proudly tasting the air.
The bitch! – rejoiced the big redhead. I've shaken her, all right!
Shit! Milla suddenly leaped forth, throwing wide punches to the face and big Tasha answered back blow by blow. She still has enough fight in her, realized the redhead and the two women began to exchange heavy punches, standing toe to toe. The onlookers started to encourage them but soon, each grabbed her foe's mane and they bent from their waists, concentrated on heavily punching each other.
"Fuck you, whore!" hissed Tasha.
"Polish scumbag!"
Tasha managed to get brunette Milla with a series of fists in the hanging belly but the stout brunette began to powerfully toss the Polish woman by the hair. The big redhead caught her foe by the wrist and she began to push Milla backwards, but the Armenian woman took advantage of it and powerfully dragged Tasha forth.
For a brief moment, big Tasha lost her balance and she almost fell to her knees but she resorted to push forth with all her might, driving stout Milla to the nearest wall. The brunette's back thudded against it, but she ensued with a hammer butt that got the big redhead in the back of the head.
Shit! For a brief moment, Tasha's sight blurred. She heard Manolo yell at Milla to go on and another hammer butt exploded in the back of her head, stunning her.
"Hold on, Tasha!" shouted Victor but the muscles of the redhead's legs let her out and she fell to her knees.
Fuck! – Tasha realized that Milla was about to deliver a knee ram to the face and, hastily, she leaped forth, enwrapping the brunette's legs. Another hammer butt exploded in the top of her head and she thought that she was done for: she saw green stars and the floor began to rock. However, she had the reflex to bite Milla's left thigh for all she was worth. She heard the brunette's sharp scream. She heard Manolo encourage the stout Armenian woman and another hammer butt exploded in the top of her head.
The blow shook Tasha but not as hard as the previous blows. Still dazed, the big redhead bit her foe harder and, the next moment, Milla powerfully yanked her by the mane, arching her neck and forcing her to look up.
For a brief moment, Tasha saw the brunette's traits, writhed in pain but soon, tears flooded her eyes and she was forced to scream in sheer pain as her stout foe began to toss her by the hair with all her might.
"Get up, Tasha! Get up!" shouted Victor.
"Knee her in the face, Milla! Knee her!"
Scared, Tasha let a wild scream and she tried to retreat on all fours but the stout brunette launched a most powerful knee ram that crushed Tasha's face. Again, the big redhead's sight blurred and she let a moan. She tried to get up but the Armenian kept her down by the hair with one hand while she began to punch her at will with the other hand.
Tasha fell to her butts and, desperate she covered her head with both arms. However, the bloody Armenian bitch rammed once again her knee in the redhead's face, snapping her head and sending her on butts and erected arms.
"Kick her! Kick her in the face!" shouted Manolo.
Victor grinned in desperation when seeing the big redhead completely exposed in front of the brunette. Tasha's big breasts were dangling madly, a creek of blood already flowing on her chin and neck, her creased belly was heaving while her muscular legs were slowly outstretching apart.
The stout brunette kicked Tasha in the face, snapping her head. For some seconds, the big redhead snaked, as if almost throwing up, but then her arms let her out and she fell on her back, her voluminous breasts quaking and falling off the bra. She gulped and she awkwardly brought her heels to her massive butts, trying to crawl away, but Milla kicked her in the left thigh, making her moan and twist from side to side.
Milla's friends began to shout but the big redhead gathered her strength and she crawled away from her foe. The brunette followed her and she kicked her in the right flank but then, Tasha brought her legs above her trunk and she began to desperately kick at Milla's shins. The stout Armenian woman grabbed her foe by the ankles then and, parting them, she mounted the big redhead, choking her with the left hand and punching her with the other one.
"Fight, Tasha, fight!" shouted Victor and the Polish woman began to throw backhands at her foe's face. Once, twice, thrice – her blows got home, shaking the sturdy brunette, crushing her nose and lips. She began to bleed and Tasha readily took advantage of her foe's distress, enwrapping her head in reverse.
"Bitch!" hissed the stout brunette.
They began to squirm on the oily floor, Tasha securing the brunette in the reverse neck lock and delivering blows with her right heel in Milla's loins, the latter blindly choking the redhead for all she was worth. Soon, their heavy bodies mashed and they began to grunt, enwrapping their muscular legs in the attempt of getting a good grip on each other.
Tasha felt her foe's fast breath in the back and, having her left arm free, she searched her way in Milla's groin. She felt the brunette's thick fur beneath the red panties and she grabbed her by the genital hair, making the stout brunette shriek in dismay. The next moment, however, Milla sunk her teeth in the redhead's back, biting her for all she was worth.
Tasha grinned and she arched her trunk, trying to escape the bite but, in doing so, she released the brunette's genital hair. Milla took advantage of the redhead's maneuver and she escaped the reverse neck lock, sneaking behind Tasha. The latter hastily got to a sitting position but the stout brunette readily secured an arm lock around her neck.
For a brief moment, big Tasha felt the vice harden around her neck but then, a deep reflex made her head butt in reverse, taking the sturdy brunette off guard.
A splashing sound was heard and the strong Armenian woman shook under the impact. Tasha head butted again. She felt the crunch of Milla's broken nose and, instantly, she heard the stout brunette moan. Tasha sensed that her foe's embrace weakened and she head butted for the third time, powerfully snapping the brunette's head.
"Yeah, Tasha! Go get her, once and for all, damn it!" shouted Victor.
The big redhead got to her knees and she turned to face her foe but, although dazed, stout Milla readily leaped forth, embracing Tasha's waist and forcing her on her back.
"I'll kill you," heard Tasha Milla's threat right in her ear.
However, she grabbed the brunette by the mane and she powerfully yanked her head up. Milla began to punch in the face but Tasha eye gouged, forcing the sturdy Armenian woman to avert her face. Her breast, however, hung right above Tasha's face and the big redhead readily went for the bite.
Screaming, the stout brunette retreated on all fours but she was still in Tasha's kicking range, who delivered a most powerful double kick that fully got Milla in the forehead.
The sturdy brunette got on her butts. She shook her head, dazed, and Tasha tried to leap over her but she realized that she was too exhausted. Fuck her, she said to herself and she awkwardly got up, trying to catch her breath before Milla. However, the brunette got up too and, breathing heavily, she raised her arms in guard. Tasha did the same. Soon, they began to circle each other cautiously.
"Punch her, Tasha! The bitch can't stand your fists!"
"Fuck her up, Milla! Embrace her and crush her bones! She won't resist, damn her!"
The stout brunette was the first to rush forth. She began to punch in a terribly fast pace, overwhelming the big redhead and then, as the Polish woman retreated, Milla jumped forth, launching a most powerful straight to the face, snapping Tasha's head. The big Polish woman was sent backwards and Milla followed her, obviously preparing to launch a kick to the groin.
The big redhead realized that Milla's blow would end the fight but she suddenly found the way out: Tasha simply twisted, bending her right knee inwards and blocking the kick.
A loud snap was heard as Milla's shin collided to the redhead's massive knee. Completely taken off guard by the block, the stout brunette halted in her tracks.
"Yeah, Tasha! Now, get her!" shouted Victor. "Punch her! Punch her!"
A violent exchange of fists ensued but the pain in the shin made Milla move slower than before. Manolo began to shout at her, urging the stout brunette to attack harder but Tasha realized that her foe had to do most serious efforts to keep on with the assault. However, stout Milla began to moan, giving all that she could and her fists found their mark more than once. She got the big redhead in the breasts, crushing them and forcing her to retreat.
Manolo began to shout at Milla and so did her friends, encouraging her.
"Knock down the bitch! Knock her down! She can't make it!"
Yelling in rage, big Tasha hit back at her turn but soon, the stout Armenian flooded her with fists to the face and breasts. Tasha curled and she covered herself with her arms – her breathes became coarse. She kicked at stout Milla but the younger woman seemed to be unstoppable.
"Fight, Tasha! Fight! Get close to her!" shouted Victor. Belly and mammaries heaving, the big redhead looked at him. She realized that she was yelling at her but she didn't hear him at all.
The sturdy brunette felt her elder foe's dismay and she attacked fully: two straights to the face and an uppercut between the breasts that split the big redhead in two. Tasha heard Victor shout a loud NOOOO while Milla's sustainers began to shout their joy:
"She's yours, Milla! Do her! Do the bitch!"
The big redhead tried to rush forth but the strong brunette grabbed her by the hair and, steadying her head, she launched a most powerful knee blow to the face.
Tasha saw it coming, however, and she hastily covered herself with both arms. The blow shook her from head to toe, making her voluminous breasts dangle in all directions, but the big redhead resisted. She felt that Milla grabbed her by the mane and she saw her cock her right fist, ready to deliver a most powerful uppercut to the face.
No! – said Tasha to herself and she briskly straightened herself, catching the stout brunette unaware and launching a heavy jab to the face.
Milla was shaken from head to toe and her blow lost her strength. She tried to hit again but the big redhead rushed in, head first, getting the sturdy brunette in the right breast and pushing her back. Milla kicked, getting Tasha in the belly, but the big redhead delivered a wide slap, fully getting the stout brunette in the ear and sending her reeling.
Milla gave a strange groan and her traits writhed to a mask of fury. She kicked again, getting Tasha in the belly and she readily ensued with a sweeping low kick, but the big redhead countered her with a most powerful slap to the ear, shaking the stout Armenian.
Milla began to snake back and forth, eyes rolling and breasts swaying from side to side. For two or three seconds, sturdy Milla looked as if she was on the point to crumple to the floor, still not willing to believe that she couldn't control her muscled legs. She waved back and forth like a puppet but she finally managed to remain on her feet. Her breasts coiled madly, her belly heaved in fast pace. She was bleeding heavily from the nose and she began to spit blood. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and she grinned in fury.
"I'll do you, ole' whore!" she threatened.
"Come here, bitch, come here!" hissed Tasha in response.
The younger woman charged Tasha, throwing fist after fist to the face, taking the big redhead off guard by this sudden surge of energy. The sturdy brunette kept punching and, in less than ten seconds, she embraced the big redhead, trying to launch a most powerful knee ram to the groin.
However, Tasha twisted powerfully and she managed to free herself from the embrace. The two women split and, a moment later they charged each other, letting furious yells. Tasha felt Milla's punch bury in her fat padded belly but she sensed her foe's nasal bones crunch loudly under her knuckles.
The mutual impact made the big redhead curl, almost unable to breathe in, but on the other side, her punch had forcefully twisted the Armenian's head. Bent in two, Tasha saw the younger woman part wide her feet, trying to maintain her erect position.
A moment later, however, the stout brunette fell to the floor like timber, face first. Tasha could still not breathe but the younger woman remained on the floor, allowing the big redhead to recover.
Fuck her! I have to regain my senses! – said Tasha to herself as stout Milla began to awkwardly raised her massive ass in the air. The stout Armenian rested her left sole on the ground, trying to get up but then, her strength let her out and she briskly folded from her waist, her face hitting the floor once again.
A thud was heard. For awhile, stout Milla maintained a weird stance: her big butts were pointing up, her knees were parted while she had her face sunk in the floor. The big redhead was still taking shallow breathes, unable to attack the younger bitch. Milla shook her head. Eventually, she managed to rest her left sole on the floor and she awkwardly got up, but the redhead still couldn't do anything.
The big redhead took a deep drag of air. Cautious and stunned, Milla raised her hands in guard. She took a step towards Tasha.
Help me, Holy Virgin! – prayed Tasha and, letting a hiss of effort, she threw a tremendous jab to the face
Her blow broke through Milla's guard, got her in the jaw and snapped her head sideways. A moment later, the younger woman went straight to the floor, like a sack of potatoes. She remained on her belly, breasts crushed beneath her muscular trunk, forehead resting on the floor, calves easily raised in the air.
The big redhead hastily mounted sturdy Milla and she embraced her neck from above with the right arm, while placing her left hand on the brunette's back of the head. The redhead locked then her arms and she began to strain, bending Milla's head forth and suffocating her.
"You got her! She's yours!" shouted Victor.
"Hold on, Milla, hold on!"
The brunette began to squirm, but her foe was too heavy besides exerting the most powerful pressure on her neck and throat. Briskly, the big redhead brought her feet forth, in front of her foe's shoulders, as if preparing for a camel clutch.
"Take care, Milla! Take care!" yelled Manolo as big Tasha pulled up the brunette's head in the terrible lock.
Groaning, Milla jerked her legs but the redhead began to violently toss her from side to side, pulling on her strangled neck. Suddenly, the Armenian seemed to look straight at something on the floor in front of her, with wide open eyes and an open mouth, in an attitude of wonder.
"There she is, Tasha! There she is!" shouted Victor. "Do her! Do her! She can't do anything!"
The big redhead hardened the neck lock and, seconds later, the younger woman grinned. She clutched her eyelids, straining as hard as she could but she felt the vice harden around her neck. Unconsciously, she raised her muscular calves in the air.
Briskly, her head twisted discretely in the redhead's lock. Tasha felt a slight crack in her foe's cervical spine and stout Milla shuddered briefly.
"Milla!" shouted Manolo.
The brunette was still grinning and her eyes were still clutched but Tasha hardened the lock twisting her foe's head even more. The brunette's proud nipples inflated briskly and soon, she felt her head twist more and more in Tasha's embrace.
"No," she said.
Tasha heard her. She felt the stout brunette harden, desperately seeking to withstand the deadly grip. She heard a series of rhythmical slaps behind and she understood that sturdy Milla was stampeding the floor with the back of her feet. The strong brunette let a loud moan and her powerful body went stiff. Tasha saw her muscles bulge on the shoulders and she felt Milla's back strain like mad.
She's strong, said Tasha to herself and she hardened the neck lock. A crunch was heard in Milla's vertebrae.
"No," said the sturdy brunette again and Tasha released the neck lock, allowing Milla to take a deep breath. However, the next moment, she grabbed her foe by the mane and she began to slam her face against the floor.
Stout Milla went stiff but she understood that she could in no way oppose the elder woman. Her already broken nose was mashed against the floor, with each face slam and blood began to sprawl around her face, spurting and flying into warm drops all over.
Oh my God, help me my God, help me! – she prayed.
She managed to breathe in deeply and, between to slams, she got to her knees. She gathered her strength and she began to violently waddle her massive ass from side to side. Tasha lost her balance and Milla seemed to regain her strength. She almost dismounted Tasha but the big redhead embraced her neck from behind and crushed her.
The stout brunette grabbed her foe by the forearm, trying to pry it away from her throat. Unfortunately, Milla understood that the desperate struggle had wasted her of her last resources and soon, she felt big Tasha gradually fold her forth. The younger woman began to breathe faster. She pried her knees, trying to leap forth but big Tasha hardened the vice around her throat and she also cupped Milla's right breast, crushing her nipple.
The stout brunette was once again forced to fully curl beneath her foe. For some moments, the two strong females froze but soon, big Tasha began to face slam the younger woman against the floor, again and again.
Suddenly, big Tasha felt that the younger woman went limp beneath her and she slammed her head against the floor even harder, until the stout brunette became a rag doll, arms flailing, belly and breasts shaking in violent after waves after each head slam. Milla's round knees began to slowly part and she kept letting a continuous wet grumble. Briskly, her skin went chicken like and she went stiff for the last time.
"Yeaaaah! She parted her legs!" shouted Victor, ecstatically, when seeing the sturdy brunette rest her groin on the floor while her knees were fully pried.
"Look at her cunt! I can see Milla's cunt!" shouted some of the guys, looking straight between the massive butts of the younger woman. Her thong had fully sledded in her ass crease, revealing her fat labia and the thick bush covering her groin.
"Do her, Tasha! Do her!" yelled Victor and Tasha's friends began to rhythmically shout at their turn:
"Do her! Do her! Do her!"
Big Tasha grabbed the younger woman by the mane and pulled her head up with all her might, exposing her ravaged face to the audience. Milla's strong arms began to slap the floor in spasms. Her belly froze. She gave a fart and, instantly, a gushing was heard as her bladder began to empty.
"No… No…" she pleaded, but the big redhead pulled her head up even more.
Milla held her eyes shut, taking shallow breathes. Her jaw was hanging, letting out a stream of sticking spittle mixed with blood that glued down to her cleavage. Tasha began to pull back Milla's head in brief, wild bursts.
"No… Please… No…"
Big Tasha pulled her head harder and harder, fully exposing the brunette's throat and the inflated veins on her neck until she began to gurgle unconsciously.
"Manolo…" mumbled the younger woman.
The man tried to interfere but Tasha's friends began to yell at him:
"You were both bragging before the fight! Now, stay put!"
"Do her! Do her! Do her!" shouted Victor then and the others followed him.
"Do her! Do her!"
Soon, the stout brunette started to quake and it's then that Tasha slammed her face against the floor for the last time, provoking a loud crunch. She pulled her head up once again, allowing everyone to see Milla's hanging jaw. Her eyes were now wide open – they looked crossways and her parted muscular legs were springing in brief, violent spasms.
I'm stronger than the bitch, said big Tasha to herself. I did her. Again, Tasha slammed her foe's face into the ground and then, blood blasted off the brunette's ears, staining the floor. The stout brunette gave a long, deep fart and Tasha felt the foul smell of her foe's feces.
Big Tasha placed her knee in the back of Milla's neck. She kept her face sunk in the floor with both hands and she leaned with all her weight beneath her knee, feeling the younger woman's vertebrae slowly dismantle. She saw Milla shudder. She heard her fart again, endlessly, while Victor and her friends began to cheer her.
"She shits like toothpaste! Empty her! Empty the bitch!"
A coarse crunch was then heard and Milla's neck gave out. The Armenian woman spread her arms and legs and her whole muscular body went stiff. Big Tasha rocked her knee over Milla's neck until fully mashing her cervical vertebrae. Then, the brunette threw up and it's only then that the big redhead got up, leaving a body that jerked violently on the floor.
Soon, Milla's heavy body seemed to sprawl for a couple of moments. She began to hit the floor with the back of her legs in furious, unconscious saccades, as life was slowly but steadily leaving her. The others approached her body, while all Manolo could do was to look in fascination at the brunette's muscular body, hoping that stronger Tasha had not killed her. However, the younger woman was now only erecting her strong legs in brief spasms.
"You did her, Tasha, thanks God!" said Victor embracing the big redhead.
A minute went on. Milla was still twitching when Tasha felt a strange urge to look on the passage that surrounded the engine room, some thirty feet above her.
She saw Mr. Coombs there. He was surrounded by some well dressed couples. Some of them, she realized, were taking shots of Milla's last movements.
That's some good ending, said Tasha to herself and she grabbed Milla by the ankles, dragging her towards the ladder leading to the lowest decks of the engine room.
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